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Notice Delivery from the DWC

Almost every important document relating to a claim comes from the Division through the Carrier's "Austin Representative". This includes notices relating to Benefit Review Conferences, Contested Case Hearings, Appeals Panel Decisions, Designated Doctor appointments, Required Medical Evaluations, Changes of Treating Physicians, and Attorney Fee Orders.

SureNotice merges today’s advances in web-based technology with the Austin Representative function to make getting notices from the Division faster and more efficient.  The result is a secure notification system that:

  1. Decreases the time it takes for adjusters to get Division notices;
  2. Integrates the Carrier’s attorney into the initial notification process;
  3. Keeps the Carrier’s clients informed of important Division Notices;
  4. Provides an automated reminder system for adjusters and supervisors; and
  5. Is easy to use.

With SureNotice you get more than just document delivery: you get the SureNotice Advantage. Contact us for more information or click below to sign up today.

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