Improved Communications

No longer will you have to remember to forward important notices received from the Division to your attorney and the employer representative. SureNotice's smart technology is designed to automatically send a notice to anyone whom you have designated to be notified of all developments on a particular claim.

Employer Representatives

SureNotice allows employers and their claims representatives to receive Division notices the same day they are placed in the Austin Representative’s box.

Employers care about their employees and want to stay informed about the status of their claims. The #1 complaint employers have about the claims handling process is they are not informed of new developments. Early notice to the employer means the employer’s representative is always up to date on important developments such as Benefit Review Conferences and Contested Case Hearings.


Your attorney knows that receiving early notice of developments in a workers compensation matter is critical to being able to adequately represent your interests. Deadlines in Texas are short, and the penalties for missing them can be severe. Missed deadlines can lead to a waiver of rights, statutory penalties, insurance company complaints and Division enforcement actions.