Efficient Claims Handling

SureNotice’s smart technology includes a reminder system which provides accountability and ensures that every Division notice is reviewed in a timely manner.  Our clients have the ability to tailor reminder frequency based upon their own "best practices" guidelines.  Additionally, SureNotice keeps claim representatives and supervisors up-to-date by allowing them to track the viewing history of other authorized users.

And SureNotice does more than just deliver notices to the people who need them.  It provides a digital workspace for communications related to each notice. Once an authorized user has logged in, they can view their notices as well as leave messages for other authorized users, all in a secure environment. The SureNotice workspace eliminates the potential security issues and risks associated with faxes or unencrypted emails. 

Every employer wants to know the latest developments on their employee's claim.   By using SureNotice, you demonstrate to your clients that your company is dedicated to excellence with regard to insurance claims handling.