About SureNotice

Your Dedicated Web-Based Austin Representative

We are dedicated exclusively to acting as an Austin Representative for workers compensation insurance carriers, certified self-insured and governmental entities.   Our goal is to deliver innovative web-based Austin Representative services at a competitive price.   

SureNotice was specifically designed with adjusters, attorneys and client contacts in mind.  We know that the deadlines for action on workers compensation claims are short and it was our goal was to provide our clients and their attorneys with the fastest possible notifications relating to Division communications.    We do not replace your existing attorneys.  Instead we work with your existing attorneys to securely provide everyone on your litigation team with contemporaneous digital notification of Division communications. 

Are you in compliance with Rule 124.2(n)?  If not, we can bring you into compliance by hosting an update-capable web page which quickly and easily allows each Carrier/Self-Insured to maintain and keep it's "Claim Administration Contact Information" up-to-date.

Your 24/7 Online Access to all Your Division Notices

Owned and operated by AustinRepresentative.com, Inc., SureNotice is a web application designed to maintain a client database and provide authorized users with 24/7 secure access to Division notices. We convert notices received from the Division of Workers’ Compensation into digital files and post them directly to our SureNotice website. Typically, users will access their notices the same day we receive them from the Division.

The SureNotice Concept

Changes in technology over the past two decades have dramatically increased claims handling productivity and raised the expectations of the insurance industry regarding response time and access to information.  At SureNotice, we are bringing 21st century technology to a little appreciated but important insurance related function - that of being a Carrier's Austin Representative.  SureNotice was developed based on a simple but vital goal: create a user-friendly website that expedites the distribution and sharing of Division notices to those responsible for handling worker compensation matters.

AustinRepresentative.com and the SureNotice Solution

On behalf of myself and my staff, thank you for checking out our website.  

I am president of AustinRepresentative.com, Inc. and creator of the SureNotice Web application.  I've been practicing as an insurance defense attorney since 1987 primarily representing Carriers or Self-Insured entities in disputes pending before the IAB, the Commission and now the Division.  If you done this work for a long enough period of time, you know that the Division still uses paper notices in its administrative process (i.e. BRCs, CCHs, Appeals Panel Decisions, etc....).  I've always thought that this process was slow, inefficient, and overly expensive and that "someone" needed to bring some efficiencies of scale to bear and bridge the technology gap that exists between the Division's paper-based system and the Carrier's digital-based claims handling processes.  So if you are like me, and have been waiting for something better to come along, I am pleased to tell you that it has arrived.   

I am excited to unveil a new web-based application that is specifically designed to meet the needs of workers compensation carriers, certified self-insureds, third party administrators and employers doing business in Texas.  

In simplest terms, the SureNotice solution transforms the Division's paper communications (disseminated on a daily basis to each carrier through its "Austin Representative") into a secure digital format that is useful to modern day claims handlers.  SureNotice presents a simple solution to a complex, but long-standing problem - to integrate the latest technological advances with insurance carrier "best practices", and meld those two concepts into a single digital platform that will integrate seamlessly with the Division's existing method of operation.  

Successful Carriers and Third Party Administrators recognize that claims handling success results from a team approach.  And by using SureNotice, you will keep everyone on your team contemporaneously informed of the most current developments on an injured worker's claim.  As a SureNotice client, your adjusters, employer representatives and attorneys will have access to the fastest, most user-friendly, and most cost efficient method of information dissemination about Division notices that current technology can provide.        

I look forward to talking with you about how the SureNotice Solution can help your claims handling business.

Russell B. Power, 



Important:  SureNotice and Austinrepresentative.com, Inc. do not provide legal advice or legal services with regard to individual claims pending before the Division.  If you have a question regarding the legal effect of a communication received from the Division, we encourage you to consult your attorney(s).